3D Print Craft
I have built a 3D printer and am designing and printing some items for sale. I use a material called PLA which is food safe and non-toxic. This thermoplastic can be washed as long as the water is no more than hand hot!

Bramley Bears
Bramley Bears are born at Bramley Cottage.
They have a laminated autographed tag. All heights, weights and colours are approximate.
These bears are designed for collectors and they are not suitable for young children as toys. They may contain lead or steel shot to improve their posture.
Carefully hand made at Bramley Cottage by Julia Clarke these bears are each individually designed and named when born.
Tel 01622 843556 in the UK

I have made these little bears with quality felt. They are all hand embroidered with decorative thread and buttonhole stitched to my own individual designs. I have used glitter thread, multicoloured thread, buttons, sequins, beads, ribbons, etc. and the bears come in different sizes right down to just 5 cm tall. They have glass eyes, or beads in the smaller bears, for their eyes, have white filler and are fully jointed. Each one is unique and is carrying a little flower or special decoration.
Height approx. 11 cm
Weight approx. 16 grams.

Metal Craft
The Metal Craft is hand made by Philip, and is often produced to order. Scrollwork Metal Signs up to about A2 can be made, but fences, gates and full size furniture are too large for the tools used. If there is something you would like made, please contact me and I will let you know if I can make it and what the price will be.

Moonbeary News!
The moonbearies have been so successful that I have now created a third generation of them!
Since they have been living so near to each other the Woodbearies and the Moonbearies have become very friendly and it is becoming difficult to tell the latest little baby bears apart! But the Moonbearies still retain their magical powers and big feet, and will bring you lots of love and good fortune, while the Woodbearies are gentle and full of hugs and kisses.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have done making them.

ABOUT MOONBEARIES - taken from the Tall Stories Encyclopaedia, Moonstone City.
Moonbearies are small, gentle little bears who live underground in Moonstone City, a well-populated underground complex reached through a hole in the side of a large crater on the moon. In general they are rather drab in colour and dont have much fur, but very rarely a baby bear is born who is covered in blue fur. These are the very special magical bears and are the moonbeary leaders, providing magic for all the others to use, hence the expression - once in a blue moon(beary). Moonbearies are active at night and sleep during the day. They are expert travellers, surfing the moonbeams to get around. They also use this method to come to earth, but sliding down moonbeams at great speed washes the bear in magical moondust colouring him in rainbow hues (which dont wash off!)

Moonbearies work at night on earth (they call it Brightland) to weave their gentle moon magic into the lives of humans (moonbearies call earth people Hugmans because they love to hug teddy bears!) They each carry a moonstone around their neck which picks up the magic transmitted by the blue moonbearies in Moonstone City. So next time something -special- happens to you, or you say -thats lucky- or -what a coincidence-, think of the little moonbeary who may have helped you by quietly weaving some of his moon magic into your life!

Modern moonbearies have adapted well to life on Brightland (earth). With fur coats to protect them, they look very much like any other little Brightlander bears. However, they can easily be recognised by their big floppy feet and legs which originally were very important for walking on the moon.
Moonbeary babies are still born without fur and retain the magic moonbeam colours they acquire from their Moonbeam Washing Day until they have grown their full adult fur coat.
Although a few moonbeary priests still practice some of the old skills, to most modern moonbearies Moonstone City and moonbeam surfing is just a distant legend. To travel today moonbearies Baghop, leaping invisibly from the shopping bag or haversack of one Hugman (human) to another and hitching a free ride. So next time your bag seems extra heavy, look very carefully because maybe a little moonbeary is riding along inside!
Moonbearies love Hugmen (humans) and it is the greatest ambition of every little bear to belong to a Hugman family. To be adopted by a Hugman and to be their lifetime special friend is considered a great honour in moonbeary society.
It is rumoured that Brightlander moonbearies all come from a mysterious, secret place called Moonbury. It can only be reached through a very small hole in a pretty woodland bank somewhere on the planet. Gossip has it that this may be found somewhere in England and that Moonbury is the main magic centre for all modern moonbearies, the equivalent of the legendary Moonstone City. Its said that modern moonbearies are very clever and have their own moonbeary government, education system and even their own Internet called the mmm (the Magic Moonbeary Maze)! Its thought that the rare Bluemoonbearies play a large part in the running of Moonbury, they are hardly ever seen of-course, only once or twice in a blue moon, but they are known to be very magical bears and to live for a very long time. What is certain is that each little moonbeary still wears a small moonstone to tune into the magic of the moonbeams and weave it invisibly each night, bringing comfort, joy, happiness and all thats good into peoples lives.
Issued by the Moonbury Education Council for Hugman Affairs
Hole in Woodland Bank
Brightlander Planet
Outskirts of Milky Way